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Dec 31

I’ve been working on finding more emo and scene GIFs so stick with me but here’s our latest one. I’m not sure if she uses the same technique on handjobs or if she looks just as bored when giving her man one, but you get the idea lol!

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Dec 24

We got our first emo girl Christmas eve submission from “BethanyX” via email. Thanks for sending us the pic, Bethany… love your hair and tats! Very sexy. 🙂 I’ll be giving you a solid 9 rating!

Remember to submit your emo pics by clicking here.

In other news the site is growing more and more everyday, we are getting around 5,000 unique visitors a day, which isn’t HUGE but we’re getting there. Thanks for continuing to visit and happy holidays to all!

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Dec 21

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Dec 10

These might be the biggest emo scene boobs I’ve seen in quite some time! Thanks to Ellen and her BF Sean for sending this one in.

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