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Oct 02

Emo Hulk

We’re not really sure what to think about this submission. It’s umm, rather different, that’s for sure. She has a bangin body too. But that’s still a lot of green going on… definitely the female version of the Incredible Hulk. Anyways, let us know if this is a good one or not by rating her!

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Jan 03

Much love to HelloKittyGirl for sending in this naked emo webcam picture! Next time don’t put your hands on those juggs! 😛

Speaking of webcams…

We added a new sponsor to the site called VSex! I know, I know, you guys all hate advertisements but it does cost money to run this site and pay for bandwidth so just hear me out!! Or you can just watch the video below… 😀

In short… you basically get to fuck chicks on webcam with these badass sex toys to see if you can make them cum. I don’t promote anything on that is a shitty product or service… so trust me when I say you WILL NOT be disappointed! Vsex actually let me try out the service and I have to admit that it is fucking hilarious, sexy and surprisingly fun. Like I said, I think you guys will like it, I know I did. Check it out!

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May 16

Red Head Emo Girl

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