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Oct 01

Webcam Scene Girl

Thanks To Tasha for sending this pic in. Dear Tasha, we love your snake bite piercings and scrumptious boobies. Next time you email us pics can you please send more than one and make them bigger if possible? We think the fans of our site are going to love you so feel free to send us some more! You’re absolutely wife material!

Everyone please show Tasha some love and rate her! And for all of you aspiring emo porn girls out there that think they can one-up Tasha, send us some pics! It’s simple, go to our contact page and email us. Don’t be shy!!!

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Feb 22

Emo Porn

We had this scene girl photo sent in via email but whoever sent it didn’t say anything else! The email was blank besides this stunning pic! Anyone know who this is? If you’re out there, send us some more! 🙂

We always enjoy good emo porn submissions but don’t be shy when you do it! Tell us a little bit about yourself, or send us a fansign or give us a little detail so that we can make the post interesting! A pretty face is great on it’s own, but it’s always good to know who’s behind the photo! Thanks guys and keep coming back, we’ve got tons of updates coming soon!

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